Wednesday, September 19, 2018

3month review of the Zenfone 5

Since I already did a 4-month review of the Zenfone 5Q, I thought to myself, why not do one with your phone, the Zenfone 5? I've had this since June which means that I have been using it for 3 months now and here are some things that I have noticed.

This is the ASUS Zenfone 5.

3 months of using it and here are a few things that I have noticed.

Battery life.

Absolutely no change. I still get to pester people around me when it's already night time and they are almost out of juice while my Zenfone 5 would still have about 30% battery life remaining even though I have been on data the whole day and using my social media accounts. The battery life is truly amazing.

Selfie camera

It still works perfectly without any problem.

Depth Effect 

Really love this feature especially when I want to highlight something. It's subtle and on the spot.

4x Zoom

There's a lot of noise but my black cat remained clear. It's not perfect but it's more than passable for daily use.

Food Shots 

 Love the pop of color on food photos which is very important.

Animal shots

I hate taking photos of my Persian cat because she hates the camera. With the Zenfone 5, since they have AI and knows when it's a cat that's being taken a photo of, I am able to capture shots like this of my cat. Trust me when I say that a clear photo like this is almost impossible with her. Thankfully, the Zenfone 5 makes it possible.

Low light

This was taken before Ompong hit the country. I loved that even though I had to zoom in to take this photo, everything turned out well for this shot.


I still have 15gb left even with over 3000+ photos, 100+ videos, 2 seasons of  Kdrama, and 2000+ eBooks. I believe that it's more than good at this stage.

Drop test 

I've dropped this phone more than 10x already and it's still alive! NUFF SAID.

Overall function 

On its 2nd month, I experienced a few glitches and hanging from the Zenfone 5 but after a software update, all of it is gone. It's now purring like a baby again and I couldn't be any happier. I've been an ASUS user and now more than ever, I love it. The bloatware has been minimized, the updates immediately fix any issues there may be, and it delivers everything that I need as a content writer, social media manager, and blogger.

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