Wednesday, September 5, 2018

SIP Purified Water

You need to drink 8 bottles of water everyday. This is something that has been said time and time again from when we were kids to now that we are adults. Water is the best aid for your body and water cures a lot of ailments. A product of Pacific Synergy Food and Beverage Corp., Sip Purified Water is a refreshing way to stay hydrated, as it is pure water that is filtered by nature and bottled at the source itself.
  20117100_445080802529019_7101580912633338483_oThe 6-step filtration process each sip of water goes through begins with the  natural filtration of volcanic rocks near Mt. Makiling, where its plant is located.  Impurities are then removed by a layer of sand making it ready for activated carbon treatment that wipes out unpleasant water and taste. The water then goes through reverse osmosis where viruses and dirt are eliminated, while harmful microbes and germs are killed through UV treatment. The last step the water undergoes is the FDA approved ozonation that blasts away all other toxins. Also, to ensure the reduction of carbon footprint, each bottle of Sip is bottled at the source.


SIP Purified water can help strengthen bone structure, lead to "more radiant" skin, hair, and nails, prevent free radical damage, help blood flow, and regulate the body because it contains volcanic water. The Health benefits of volcanic mineral water come from the many minerals and electrolytes that are picked up by the water throughout the process. These minerals include Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, and Silica- many of which are found in the volcanic mineral water of all volcanic water brands.

These natural minerals are vital to the body, and drinking consistent amount of volcanic mineral water can help keep your health at an all time high by ensuring you’re getting these minerals- even when you believe you are just drinking water!

Sip Purified Water is available in all Vikings Group branches and Luzon branches of SM Supermarkets and 7-11. Instagram: @sippurifiedwater. Facebook page: @sippurifiedwater.

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