Saturday, September 22, 2018

South Eats: What to eat at Commerce Center

One of the things that people always ask about is where can we eat in the South? It seems that people do not think the South is a foodie haven so here we are, about to dispel this notion and prove that in the South, we know what good food is.

Let's start off with this regular joe burger from Army Navy. At only Php100, this hits the spot just right and it also doesn't make much of a dent on the wallet which is always a winning combination for most people.


Next up is Coco Hut which is the sister company of Army Navy. Coco Hut serves Filipino dishes and their best seller is the kare-kare. Though a bit lacking in taste, if you are just after the taste but nothing spectacular, this is a good enough option. Nothing spectacular but for the price, this is pretty okay.


Kessaku is a Japanese place that has been open for more than 4 years which speaks of how good their food is. This salmon belly aburi is a must have for it literally melts in your mouth. Now this we definitely recommend.


Sigekiya though is a must visit. The owner knows what he is talking about when he said that their ramen is very different compared to everyone else. The ramen is very rich in taste, just enough to leave an impression and make you want more. The gyoza is unique and made from their own recipe. If you ever order anything in Sigekiya, order the gyoza and the ramen.

2017_0824_15544600 (1)

Last but not the least is South Pub. This is bar chow and something fit for after work eats paired with a cold bottle of beer. Comfort food at it's finest and with an owner who'd be more than happy to sit down and talk.

As you can see, there are many options to choose from when you visit down South. You might actually leave saying, too many food, too little time.

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