Wednesday, September 12, 2018

ChiMac Chicken and Beer

As you all know, I'm a Korean fan. I love their variety show Running Man which my son and I religiously watch and I love Kdrama. I also happen to like a few KPOP songs and love love love their food save for Kimchi.

When M and I chanced upon this place along Macapagal, I knew we had to give it a try. It was either that or be stuck in the middle of horrendous traffic with an empty stomach so our love for food won in a heartbeat.

I first encountered Chicken and Beer last year with a friend of mine. Ever since, I have fallen in love with this strange combination that is often seen being devoured in Kdrama whenever the lead female character is feeling stressed or is heartbroken.

I loved this chicken hanging beside the light. If you need the attention of the wait staff, you just need to squeeze this and voila! Instant attention.

They also give out free salad which was a little impressive.

I ordered the ramyeon. M said to get the original flavored one but I opted for mild spice because I thought it would be MILD. Apparently, mild in Korea is HEAVILY spicy. Egad. My mouth was burnt. M finished this though I know he hated eating spicy food.

Our fave though was the snow chicken. M loves cheese so I know that he would love this and he did. He paired this with beer and it was absolutely perfect.

Sometimes, little dates can make a whole lot of difference. Cheers to small dates.

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