Friday, September 21, 2018

Kaijo will fix your Curry Addiction

Inside BF Resort Village in Las Pinas, there is a small Japanese place that boasts of ramen and steak. They forgot one important thing. They should have also boasted about their curry because their curry is really flavorful.

First, the decors are very Kawaii. The bonsai plants and the katana on the wall give you that Japanese vibe but it doesn't make you feel that it's too much. There is also a wall where you can take an awesome selfie. Awesome way to brand in a subtle manner.


Now lets get to the most important part of Kaijo. The food. This Katsu Curry rice is the bomb. We loved the katsu flavor because it was strong but not overly strong. It was enough to really give you the taste but not overly present as to turn off anyone who is not into curry.


This ramen is a little weak for us since we like our ramen infused with flavor from the get go. However for those who are not too particular, they would definitely love this. There is mild flavor, soft noodles, chashu, and soft boiled egg.


They offer steak at a really affordable price. For less than Php500, you get this piece of steak and that is quite a steal. It is not the softest meat but it is quite delicious.


The gyoza was good and any gyoza lover should definitely give it a go.


The gyudon was for us is another must have. Cooked right and flavored well, this Japanese staple is definitely an 8 out of 10.


Kaijo is a Japanese restaurant located along Gloria Diaz Street in BF Resort Village, Las Pinas. Go and visit them if you are looking for your curry, ramen, and steak fix.

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