Thursday, September 20, 2018

Genki Sushi at SM Aura

You know that a restaurant is good when they survive the 1 year mark and Genki Sushi has done more than just surviving the first year, they actually opened another branch and this time around, it is in SM Aura. In less than 2 years, they have opened their 4th branch already.

What makes Genki Sushi different is the usage of the Kousoku Express Train System where dishes you ordered gets sent to you within 5 to 10 minutes. It is actually a really cute yet efficient way of getting the food to the customers. Inspired by the Shinkansen Bullet Train, it is programmed to slow down once it reaches the diner's table.


The new additions to the menu are the Kushi-Age which is 5 different kinds of deep fried skewered meat and vegetable in special Japanese batter, Coconut shrimp which was soooo goood and deep friend shrimps in panko bread crumbs rolled in coconut flakes.


We also got to try the hometown favorites of sushi and sashimi. Gotta say that freshness is a huge factor and they delivered.


They have also added 6 new take away sushi party sets that can be used for any group gathering. It doesn't stop there coz a new batch of delicious desserts are also worth a try. They have the Caramel Mochi, the Maki dessert, and the Vanilla and Strawberry Mille Crepes.

Genki Sushi promises to be fresh with the food they serve all the time. With their easy to serve advantage combined with its casual setting, Genki Sushi welcomes anyone who wants to enjoy Japanese cuisine without the hassle of poor service or stale food. Genki Sushi can also be found in UP Town Center, Ayala the 30th, and BGC Stopover.

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