Monday, September 17, 2018

New Bombay Royale

Many people shy away from Indian Food because they think that it's too spicy or is just too over the top. We gotta admit that we were one of them so when we received an invite to a gala dinner at New Bombay Royale, we were a little apprehensive. However, since we were troopers, we gave it a go and we learned 4 things about Indian Cuisine.

1. Indian Food does not need to be spicy. 
You can ask your server at New Bombay Royale to make the spice level mild and they will be more than happy to adjust it for you. The owners want to show people that there is nothing to be intimidated about with Indian Cuisine. This mutton masala was absolutely perfect (upper right) while the rest of the dishes gave off varying degrees of spiciness; something for everyone's spice level.


2. Indians love their curry, masala, and spices. 
Everything that you will see on their menu had curry, masala, or spices. To those who may not be aware, they have around 24 standard spices on their dishes which is what makes every dish uniquely Indian.

3. Indian food is best served with Indian music and belly dancers. 
There is just something about their music + food + belly dancing that gives off that authentic vibe and we were lucky to have several belly dancers performing for us the night we visited. It is also a good way to immerse yourself in another culture.

4. Lassi and yoghurt 
If you are a fan of yoghurt, you would definitely love this. The Rose Lassi was surprisingly sweet and a treat. The rose did not overpower and was tempered down by the yoghurt which is a good way to douse the spiciness of the dishes being served.


If you chance upon this place at the ground floor of the Venice Grand Canal Mall, go ahead and give it a try. Do not be scared of the spice because they will adjust it and who knows? You might just end up loving Indian Cuisine and even Indian music.

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