Saturday, September 15, 2018

Chelsea All Day Breakfast

In the middle of the busy hub that is Serendra lies a quaint little restaurant that houses a very chic interior that easily transports you to the feeling of having Sunday which is absolutely perfect because they offer all day breakfast.

Yes, you read that right. For those who are contantly on the look out for a place that offers breakfast food all day, Chelsea in Serendra is the answer to your needs. What makes this even more awesome is they do not have a limited menu. We know the feeling of frustration that one has when you get to a place that serves breakfast but only serves dishes ending in –silog. Mind you, we love our –silog dishes but there is more to breakfast than sinangag and itlog and Chelsea understands that.


Their breakfast menu boasts of more than 15 dishes which guarantees that there will be something even for the pickiest of eaters. Coming from the Raintree Group, you are already assured that your dishes will be served with only the best ingredients and taste that hits you right in the stomach. I should know for I have been dining in the many different restaurants that the Raintree Group handles and I have yet to be disappointed with even a single one.


This beef tapa is simply different. Tastier, more tender, and something that you can definitely have every single day.


A different take on the omelette that we totally approve of. YUM!


The iced coffee was all good. You need to try them all. Seriously. No, really.

Aside from the awesome ambiance, OOTD worthy place, and great food, it is the service of the staff that seals the deal for Chelsea. Everyone is just so amiable and simply makes you feel at home. What more can you ask for in a place that serves breakfast all day? I’d say nothing more.

Chelsea is located right in the middle of Serendra. You can’t possibly miss the yellow walls. You just can't.

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