Monday, September 17, 2018

Elated with Elait!

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Nothing delights a kid or the kids at heart more than ice cream. However, ice cream is also fattening so when someone finally invented the yoghurt ice cream, kids at heart became happier coz now, they can literally eat their way to a healthier version of themselves. Nothing to be guilty about, just be completely elated with elait!


Another aspect that makes Elait! different is the fact that they support the Deaf community by hiring people who are deaf and supporting them. These people are probationary employees that can be regularized.

There are some companies that employ the deaf but only contractual and we’re talking about people who have graduated with 4 year degrees. This is something that the owners of Elait feel strongly about and has turned into an advocacy so kudos to them.


They currently have 4 main flavors which are Bacon Brickle, Mango Kiwi Pavlova, Salted Egg Surprise, and Strawberry Trifle. These are PHp180/cup but trust us when you say that the cup is HUGE. The bacon brickle is composed of caramel sauce, pretzel, and bacon.

The Mango Kiwi Pavlova is made up of kiwi, mango, meringue, and strawberry drizzle. The Salted Egg Surprise on the other hand which was a real surprise is composed of tomato jam, caramel, popcorn, and salted egg. The strawberry trifle which is strawberry, cream cheese, almonds, lady fingers, condensed milk, and strawberry drizzle is a definite crowd pleaser.

Elait is located on the 2nd floor of Century Mall beside Toys R Us. They also have other flavors available so be sure to drop by and give their ice cream and yoghurt creams a try.

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