Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sitio Remedios

You know how Cinderella was all lucky when she met her fairy godmother who granted her wish and she met Prince Charming then they got married and lived happily ever after? Well, I'm luckier.

2 weeks ago I met a guy, FE, in a bus on the way to Ilocos Norte. I say that I was lucky because the accommodations that were given to me for this event I was covering was fit for campers and for everyone who knows me, I am no camper.

He took pity on me and introdued me to Dr. Cuanang who owns Sitio Remedios. Sitio Remedios is the prettiest private resort that I have ever seen. The owner, Dr. Cuanang, is the sweetest angel I have ever met. He and FE saved me that night. Instead of having to sleep in a bed with really thin mattress, I ended up sleeping here.

You see that there are 2 beds? It's crazy right? There was airconditioning and the linens were simply lovely. It was heavy but when I placed it on myself, it felt like I was being hugged. The bed was comfortable and the room was just so cozy.

This is how big the room is. It had 5 beds, 3 showers, and 2 toilets. It's called a family room but there were only 3 of us.

This is also the soap that is provided in the bathroom. I seriously love this. It smelled so good and was really, really good for the skin. Truth be told, I could go back to Ilocos Norte just to buy this soap. It makes you feel really clean and comfortable after bathing.

Sitio Remedios is a private owned resort but you can call and book in advance. They normally accept reservations but if you are thinking of a loud party or concert, this is not the place to be. Sitio Remedios is more for those seeking quiet times, solace, a honeymoon, or even a quiet respite from the hustle bustle of the city.

Look at this place and tell me if you do not agree.

If you do want to party, I believe you can do it at the beach and with a magnificent view of the sunrise or sunset, Sitio Remedios is still perfect.

The staff were so friendly as well. I loved it. It's so rare nowadays that I've learn to really appreciate great service.

Thank you Dr. Cuanang for your hospitality. I am still in awe and so amazed that kind hearted people like you still exist. This is why you are so blessed and now, I am blessed because I got to meet you.


  1. The place looks lovely! how much per night?? :)

    1. It depends on the room or house you will get. It's definitely worth the price. I was lucky to have been a guest.

  2. What a charming place for a quiet respite from the hustle of the city!

  3. Is this available for others as well? The place is indeed great.

  4. It's a nice place, can you share how much cost per night

  5. It looks somewhat similar to Balay Indang, but this one's next to a beach. Nice find!

  6. I've never really had the chance to explore Ilocos Norte. It would be nice to go soon and check this place out.


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