Thursday, April 10, 2014


I recently attended an event called Jolly University. Initially, I thought it was an event sponsored by Jollibee or a school function by Jollibee. Little did I realize that it was actually by a product that my family and I have always patronized.

You see, Jolly is actually a product that sells canned young corn, mushroom, cream of corn, and black beans. These are things that my family and I would buy at the grocery store and the brand that we would always choose is Jolly. However, I did not remember the exact name of the brand because of familiarity. We get the canned goods by the way it looked and not the name which is why I didn't realize it was Jolly.

My brother used the mushrooms as add on to beef steak. For me, I eat it straight from the can or if I'm feeling a bit energetic, I cook it with breading or egg and flour. Yummy! 

My sister loves the Cream of Corn and simply reheats it. We add the Young Corn to vegetables for a healthier meal.

I can honestly say that the Jolly products will remain a staple product in our pantry for a very, very long time. :)

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