Monday, April 14, 2014

Pacquaio wins against Bradley

Alaxan FR hosted a media event yesterday and invited yours truly to be one of the lucky ones to watch Pacquaio's match against Bradley on pay per view. What made it sweeter is that Glorietta Outback was the venue and so while watching the match on a huge screen, we got to munch on steak, nachos, and buffalo wings.

If that isn't #PusongPanalo, I don't know what is.

My Mom had so much fun watching and even my sister and I were swept away by the energy of the crowd. Everytime Pacquaio is able to hit Bradley, the crowd goes wild. In a way, it felt like we were actually watching it live.

It was a great thing that MP won the fight. It made the event more memorable and it ended things on a really good note. Thank you Alaxan FR for sponsoring us and for ensuring that our bodies won't feel any ache and pain just like Manny because you are there.

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