Sunday, April 6, 2014

Alviera Sandbox Adventures in Porac, Pampanga

Earlier today I woke up at 4am. Okay, I woke up at 2AM, 3AM, then 4AM and this was all because I did not trust my alarm clock to actually wake me up. At 5AM, my siblings, son, and I were already walking outside our village and were on our way to Trinoma Mall.

We were on our way to Sandbox Adventures in Porac Pampanga where they were holding a Media Day to introduce Sandbox Adventures to the public through TV, newspaper, radio, print, and online media. I was one of the lucky ones to be invited and by sheer luck, instead of just 2 companions, I was able to bring all 4 of my siblings as well as my son.

Upon getting to Sandbox Adventures, we were served with breakfast and given bottles of water. Little did we know that throughout the day, we would be needing bottles and bottles of water because this day was going to be one big workout.

We started with the Aerial Walk and here are some shots of my siblings. Unfortunately B wasn't allowed to do this due to height (4 feet and above) and age requirement (10 and up.)

My siblings found some of the aerial walk challenging but all in a good way. They loved the entire thing and conquered any fear they may have of heights and trekking on air. Next thing they did was the Giant Swing and this time around, B was able to do it.

B liked the giant swing. He didn't get scared at all which made me really proud. Afterwards, we headed to the ATV section and this time around, we were allowed to ride again and again which rocked since 1.5 hours on this ATV costs Php2500.

I'm thankful that we were invited to have a first look at this place. It is highly recommended for families, friends, and team buildings. They really ensure that your safety comes first and their equipments are top of the line.

Thank you Sandbox Pampanga and Alviera for making this happen. Truly, it was an adventure. :)


  1. That's my daughter playing beside your son in the photo with them holding water guns. Haha! Gume-guesting sa ibang blog. :))

  2. Looking forward to visit Sandbox! Love to try that ATV! Indeed, it is important to stay hydrated this summer!

  3. SandBox at Alviera is a unique getaway for families that redefines outdoor adventure and fun. It features a full stretch of exciting attractions that will surely make everyone appreciate the outdoors. Everyone in the family has something to do here from playground for the toddlers to Mini Golf for the grandparents! With a mountain range along the horizon and the surrounding wide plains, SandBox is definitely the place for family outdoor fun!

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