Friday, April 25, 2014

Masters Game Face

When I was initially invited to the event, I had a big question mark in my head as to why. It was about basketball and it was a mans product. However, when I was at the media launch I finally had a better understanding of what Masters was about and now, I know why this should be written here.

Masters is not just another product. It is something that men can use to ensure that they wouldn't have any oil on their face for 8 hours. This matters to basketball players who are constantly practicing on the court but are expected by fans and the media to still look fresh and clean off the court.

Masters can also help those who have acne problems since they products that are made just to address that. Masters also help to teach men about proper hygiene which the ladies should be thankful for.

The Masters Game Face Challenge will also help to encourage the youth to pursue basketball and hopefully, steer them away from vices that could ruin their future. If the youth could channel their energy into something as positive as basketball, then Masters would have achieved its goal of being an inspiration.

Thank you Masters and I loo forward to watching at the Big Dome. I feel that this would be one of those epic games in the making.

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