Monday, April 21, 2014

Project Pie

Finally got to try this place that I have wanted to visit over 6 months ago. I've already tweeted and posted about it but never got the chance to actually visit but tonight, tonight I finally conquered this place.

Soon as I set foot, I knew that I would love the place. The interior is made mostly of wood with lots of big lettered posters. It was so my thing. I felt at home in a pizza place. Scary I know hahaha.

I ordered for B and I. I decided to put all the toppings that he liked which were mozarella, parmesan, ground beef, meatballs, pepperoni, Italian sausage and lots and lots and lots and lots of mushroom and pineapple.

I also got the banana nutella as a supplement since there were 3 boys and I know that little boys mean BIG appetite. Hahaha.

I loved the look of happiness on B's face when he was eating with his friends. I'm glad that we bumped into Cielo and her kids and that we decided to hang out today. B was very happy and I was as well. It felt good to hang out with someone and not be pressured to be perky and pleasant all the time.

I loved the pizza that we created. It was meaty and had so many mushrooms and pineapple. It was cooked just right and I loved that it was still very crisp. The banana nutella was also great and made me feel like I was a kid doing something that I shouldn't which is eat pizza and banana coated with Nutella. It was so so so so yummy!

Thank you C and family for spending the day with us and for making pizzas with us at Project Pie.

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