Saturday, April 12, 2014


Grillery is located in Greenhills Town Center where Hanobe is which was why the place looked familiar soon as I stepped within the vicinity. Unlike Hanobe though which has apparently closed, Grillery is thriving and is already on its way to celebrating its 3rd year.

First thing I noticed about the place was the ambiance. They had a lemon yellow colored wall which gave off a warm vibe partnered with wooden tables an chairs. I liked that it felt welcoming and not intimidating.

The first thing that we were asked to try was the Chicken ala Kiev. Little trivia that was given to us by the owners is that apparently, this dish is not really French in nature but is in fact, Russian. This was something that Russians in Kiev would cook but when a French chef passed by, he liked it so much that he decided to go ahead and bring the recipe to France. To cut the story short, it was this French chef who made it famous and now, a lot of people think that this chicken a la kiev is a part of French cuisine.

First thought I had when I saw this was"why are we eating a lump of whatever this is?" Thankfully, when it was cut, it looked a lot more appetizing and the smell simply overwhelms you.

I took one bite and I was transported. It was what comfort food was about. The butter, the smell, the taste ... it was what you needed to eat when you had a bad day and have no one to talk to. Honestly, if it wasn't embarrassing, I wanted to have the entire thing all to myself. In my head I had this scenario all played out where I would take this one plate away, jumped over some tables and say in a ninja pose, "this is mine. You cannot have this." Haha. Crazy right?

I ended up eating more than half of this though I hoped no one noticed. It was just really good.

The next thing we had was the Grillery Liempo which I found amazing simply because everything, yes, everything was SOFT. You read that right, it's soft including the skin. I don't know how the chef did it but even the skin of the liempo which is normally hard because its deep fried was soft. I also liked that there was a slight difference to how this liempo is as compared to the others. For me, it was more of a balsamic taste which I liked.

The crispy binagoongan on the other hand looked like a horizontal pizza. I had to give them an A+ for presentation on this one. This is the first time that I have been served pizza, I mean, crispy binagoongan this way. 

The Balinese fish was a revelation. They used cream dory and added some sauce inspired by herbs normally found in a Balinese kitchen. It was sweet and a bit tangy but in a good way. You just have to eat the fish with the sauce and all the toppings to get the maximum feel of all the flavors.

The last thing we tried was the turon de halo halo. I actually picked this because it sounded so unique. One bite and my intuition was confirmed. This was the second best thing for me next to the Chicken ala Kiev. Think of all the ingredients you normally have on a halo halo and then combine them all in a lumpia wrapper. Imagine all of it getting deep fried but upon taking a bite, there is absolutely no taste of the oil left.

They should market this more. It's one of a kind and truly wonderful.

Thank you Grillery for inviting us over. It was a very relaxing kind of night and I enjoyed the interesting conversations that were flowing all throughout. :)

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* I was invited to review the food. I did not pay for my meal. However, the free meal did not in any way sway my opinion and everything you read here is MY PERSONAL OPINION. 

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