Monday, April 28, 2014

Marina Halo Halo and Sorbetes All You Can

If you look at the signage, you wouldn't think that Halo Halo would be one thing that they served so it definitely came as a surprise when I was invited to try their Halo Halo AND sorbetes all you can that they were offering for a limited time.

I was like, w00t w00t!

There were over 15 ingredients for the halo halo. It was like heaven. I felt like a kid when I was asked to make my own halo halo.

I made mine as colorful as I possibly could to match my blog which is of course, Kulayful. I enjoyed the halo halo treat and the avocado sorbetes. It was really sweet!

Thank you for a fun afternoon. For those who would like to beat the summer heat and love sorbetes or halo halo, go ahead and visit Marina Makati. It's located at Rockwell Drive corner Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City. You can also call them at 02-3572725 and 0925-8802216.

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