Sunday, April 20, 2014

Breeze Sige Sabado, Sige sa Mantsa

He has wanted to open this box ever since Breeze sent it to us via their PR group. It came on a Wednesday but since I wasn't here and Thursday saw us in Manila Ocean Park, we were only able to play with the contents of this box last Friday.

Unfortunately, my other nephew wasn't around so it was just B who did the arts and crafts.

B chose the harlequin mask activity ... as to why, I have no idea.

It took him only 30 minutes to complete this task. As you can see, I was beside him the whole time guiding him but ensuring that I do not curtail his creativity. I think I succeeded in just that.

TA-DA! Thank you Breeze for making this happen and for ensuring that even if he had gotten paint on his clothes, I didn't have to worry coz as you said, Sige sa Mantsa.

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