Monday, July 4, 2011

PGS: 8065 Bagnet

I finally found time to eat at Bagnet; thanks to a friend who would not take no for an answer and picked me up so that this becomes a reality. I have heard so much about the place that I was really looking forward to trying out the different ways that bagnet can be cooked.

karekareng bagnet

bagnet sisig

binagoongang bagnet

The food was definitely worth the price paid for it. The servings were also good for 2-3 unless you're in full hunger mode. The taste, I'd say a 7 out of 10. It's not overwhelmingly good but I understand the fuss about it now.

I finally met Andrea and she was a sweetheart. I'm really happy that this new clubs I am in has allowed me to meet wonderful people. Good food, great company.


  1. Kenny, sabi ni ka deniz malakas daw kayo ni Andrea sa rice.hehe :)
    Hi Andrea! Hope to see you soon. :)


  2. bagnet is a delicacy from which locality(or ethnicity).

  3. @ cafe mobility: Ilocos

    @ mitchy: hahaha sa dami ng ulam ... oo naman :)


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