Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pex Film Club: 1st meet up

The film club finally happened. After months of misses and meetings that did not push through, it finally  met up and watched a movie. Granted, there was only 5 of us but everyone in the group was passionate about the same thing which  serves as our adhesive that glues us together.

We watched Transformers in 3D. 

I used to think I knew a lot about movies but this group made me realize that I have so much to learn and so many more movies to watch. The passion and knowledge they showed are simply amazing. I actually had to make a mental list in my head of the films they mentioned. I am in awe.

I really like this group. I know that I will learn a lot more from them and it will enrich me. Yey! Hopefully, I contribute something to them as well.

with my homeboy, Chris

the Film Club

the men

the ladies
I hope that this will be the start of many more film viewings and discussions.


  1. I have never indulged much into films but these days I think the filmmakers have really been working hard to make great films hence luring me to go view theirs in the big screen. I got a record high for myself last year after watching 6 films in a months time. Having a film club would surely make me lurk around filming more often..:)

  2. Wow! That sounds exciting. Nakakatuwa naman and part ka ng group na yan. I also love going to the cinema for my favorite movies :) Sana may ganyang group din dito sa place namin..

  3. aww I'm also a PEX member.. I used to be an active PEX Kumbehos and running club..I miss the GEBs LOL Film club sounds like fun though. :)

  4. I am so into films. There was even a time I did let a single movie slip by me. Lahat pinapanood ko. I really wish I had a group like your film club. Sarap siguro sumali sa mga ganyan.

  5. More power to your film viewing, reviews and discussions!

  6. This is nice. I too love films. Looking forward on your reviews!

  7. Aw, dalawa lang yung ladies... tapos ang daming men... namiss ko tuloy ang PEX, mavisit nga minsan...


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