Saturday, July 30, 2011

Grand Fil-Chi Meet up ...

I say grand because for the first time, we hit the double digits in terms of attendance. After almost a year of meeting up, this is the first time that we hit more than 10. Yey!

These people ... these friends of mine ... they are my comfort zone. They get me. They understand me. They share the same background that I do ... with the same ideals as well. With them, I feel at home.

the bunnies

Lumen and Dexter

and the Brit won! hahahaha!

the originals!

the entire group! whee!

mah boys!

the 5 minute burger challenge

They manage to make me forget that I am not on the outside looking in ... with these guys, I'm on the inside and I am not looking out. They got me, they got my back. I am lucky to have them.

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