Wednesday, July 27, 2011

PGS: Persian Persuasion

The food group decided to go Persian this time. Seriously, when I hear that word, I think of a Persian Cat getting roasted. Eeekkk. It's not a good thing to imagine for a cat lover like me.

We went to Persian Square in Home Depot.

This is what we had for dinner. Honestly, I was wishing for more meat. I like my veggies and all but I wasn't too happy with what was ordered. I like my meat!

It's a good thing the company was great or else the night would have been a fail for me. I had so much fun with these guys. Seriously. It was a night of laughter, de-stressing, and just plain flirting.

o diba? HOT HOT guys!

GORGEOUS ladies!

the group!
Till the next one!

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