Sunday, July 24, 2011

B's 1st Story

and he made this  all by himself ....

The Red House.

The red house is red. It's like a DUGO. and this is the bird, this is the cloud, this is the sun, this is the leaf, this is the fruit, and this is the ladder. This is the flower, this is the rose, this is the door and this is the window and this is the boy and this is the grass.

The Orange House.

The orange house is like a fire. And you can pick a flower  you give  to your Mom or Dad. And you get the window if you peek outside and this is the bird you can see when it  flies and this is the flower when its raining  and this is the sun for hot day and this is the leaves for falling. This is the fruits for eating and this is the ladder for climbing and this is the grass.

The Yellow House.

The yellow house is like a sun. The window when you color it, so yellow its like green. And violet flowers, you mommy bear, you bake it when there's rabbit (ano daw???? Hahahaha. )This is the bird for flying and you see it and the road for walking. And the door for opening the door when you want to go outside or go home. And when you want to climb, you go get a fruit and go down slowly.

The Green House

The green house is like a leaf and the window is for closing when its raining. And the blue flowers is like a window, like a blueberry, my favorite color. And the leaf when its falling you can get it away.

The Blue House.

The blue house is like clouds and like water. And the orange flower is like a fire. And the ladder when you want to climb, you get a fruit. And when its sunny day, its going to be hot and when its rainy day its going to be wet. And when its Mothers Day, you can give your mother a gift.

The Violet House

The violet house is like the other house like a rainbow and when you march over there its like a rainbow. The bird goes to the  cloud, when you go to the clouds, you cannot see. And when you go to the sky, its gonna be hot. And when you fall, you'll going to be hurt. When you cut off the leaf, you call for help. The red flower is like when you die, you have a DUGO.

That is the end.

* transcribed from a video I took of him telling me the story for the first time. :) I am such a proud Momma!


  1. Neat. For some reason, my son's stories alway have superheroes in them.

  2. Really? That's cute. Blog it so we can read it as well.

  3. I wonder what the rainbow house would look like. Really cool!

  4. pedeng i-slideshow ang drawings niya :-)

  5. thanks aubrey and totomai ... I might just do that slideshow and I'll post the rainbow house :)

  6. He should have his own blog :). Creative boy you got there. I see where he gets his talent from. hehe


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