Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Amici with Nessy

I initially met her when she passed by as I was meeting Ibyang. We were introduced and we just hit it off. We talked about theatre and food and I knew, she was someone I could be friends with.

Last night, I met with her. Nessy and I, we had dinner at Amici in Ayala Triangle. I got there first and listened to jazz music while reading 13 Reasons Why. Then, she was there.

She sat down and we started talking. Somewhere along the way, we ordered food. I know we did because I got these shots.
caffe latte
quattro formaggi

pesto pasta

chicken with asparagus

banana blast cake ... the only dish we finished eating
I know we ordered food but we barely finished what we ordered because we were so busy chatting. We just kept talking about our life, what we like, and the things we do. We just kept talking. I knew right then and there that she was going to be a keeper.

Thank you Ibyang for introducing us to each other. I know now that I have found a new friend, one that I really feel would be a keeper. :)


  1. Ow..banana blast cake pala yun. :)

  2. wish was i there too. miss you both :) hugs!

  3. love amici's spinach linguine and aglio olio.. and i love their gelato & pizza too!


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