Thursday, July 28, 2011

goodies from New York

I met him once. We talked a bit and I felt that he was a nice person. He was visiting and I got to meet him because of our passion for the citymugs. What I didn't realize was that not only does he have a big collection, he also has a big heart.

What makes me say this?

I ordered a keychain and I got it last Wednesday. I also got this.

I verified with him that it was indeed for B and he said yes. It seems he has taken a fondness for my kid and as a Mom, I am truly in awe of his kindness.

B would like to say ...


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  1. So, who is this guy again? Am I missing something? hehe. I know you're not really looking for romantic involvement right now, but maybe you should give him a chance? Or am I jumping the gun? :)
    Just happy and excited for you :)


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