Thursday, July 14, 2011

no longer a baby ...

My son ... the same one who'd always send me to a flurry of panic and anxiety when he cries out "Mommy!" with fear, anxiety,and what have you in his voice is now turning 6. Yes, today, he turns 6.

He is no longer a baby. Earlier when I took him to school, he said "bye!" and then just went straight to his classroom without a backward glance. I was the one watching him go the whole time, dragging his bag and lunchbox and him without a care in the world that Mommy was pining for him.

Here is the birthday boy in front of the birthday  greeting his teacher made for him. Ain't that sweet?

Here he is before he gave away the loot bags I made. :) He's one happy tyke.

First part of the birthday morning: SUCCESS!

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