Thursday, July 14, 2011

dear heart ...


Stop wasting your tears on him. He doesn't deserve you. He doesn't deserve the tears you are wasting on him.

You were convenient. You made yourself convenient. You were just there ... always there. You were never gone.

He doesn't want you. He just needs you. He needs you to stroke his ego ... he needs you to believe in him. He needs you to feel good about himself. He needs you ... but he doesn't want you.

You are convenient.

Why do you always fall for the wrong man heart? Why do you let us be hurt like this? Why do you love and love with all that you can give? Why can't you save some for us? Why can't you keep a part of you? Why do you need to give everything?

He doesn't want us heart. He doesn't.

The way he said those words, it was like, it meant nothing. You want to know why? Coz you meant nothing ... you ARE nothing to him.

Stop it heart ... stop loving him. Save us ... save yourself ... please, for once, save yourself.

I hurt for you heart. I really hurt for you. I wish I can make you stop what you're doing. How many times do you need to be hurt to stop? Do you need to bleed to death first? Do you need to be sucked dry?

What do you need heart? What do you need so that you can stop loving him?

Tell me heart! TELL ME!

Please, tell me.

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