why you should date a geek ...

with Brainy Smurf

I am a geek and I am proud to be a geek.

I may not be pretty enough but I can definitely crack a joke or two. I promise it will be good enough that you will forget about your problems even for an hour or two. I know this for I am a geek who reads and can laugh at herself.

I may not be sexy enough but I can guarantee a food trip so good that you will not want to stop eating. I promise it will be an assault on your taste buds and that you will savor every lick, bite, munch and swallow. I know this because I am a geek who watched Nat Geo, Discovery, and Bizaare Foods.

I may not dress sexily nor show off too much skin but I will keep your attention on me and what I have to say because I can tell stories and do it with style. I promise information overload and trivia left and right. I know this because I am a geek who likes perusing websites for little known facts here and there. 

I may not be the kind of girl who you can show off and put on display but I am someone whom you can have a 5 hour conversation with over coffee and have a lively discussion with about movies, music, books, and what have you. If you are after a quick nonsense date, I am not that girl.

If you are after someone whom you can take home to Momma or at the very least, become a life long friend, then I'm your girl.

I am a geek and I am proud to be a geek.

* besides, what beautiful, sexy girl would ever think of getting a photo like the one above? Astig diba?

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  1. Nice post, Kaye! Any guy would be lucky to have you. But honestly, I never thought you were a geek :).

  2. Really? don't I look like one? I am such a geek :)

  3. Now I'm starting to think about dating a geek. Interesting. Yay! hehe. :-)

  4. hahaha, can i date you!? lolz i'm far far away!

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  5. For me..geeks are the real sexy...you know why? Because they're mysterious...so obviously, I prefer geeks than outgoing and loud women.