meeting the Gasoline Dude

Finally, I met him.

I have been reading his blog for some time now and I like the quirky thoughts that he posts now and then. He doesn't really talk about anything other than his life but let's just say that I have been really intrigued about him.

How intrigued? First time he went here a couple of months back, I asked to meet with him. Unfortunately, I was ignored. Yep. Ignored. Last weekend, he posted he was back in Manila and anyone who wanted to see him can leave a message. Of course I hurriedly left a message.

I was that intrigued.

I was really happy when he messaged me back. We exchanged SMS and today, we finally met. It was almost canceled too since I had to render overtime but fate seems to be smiling and he and I met.

This is me with Gasoline Dude. We had coffee and pastries and not enough time on our hands because we could only stay for a limited time. I had fun talking to him and I know he did too. I hope that he did.

So to more meet ups in the future and to hopefully, a budding friendship in real life. :)

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  1. Hey Kay! I definitely enjoyed meeting up with you. One of the highlights of my trip, I must say. :) Hope to see you soon, may it be here or in Singapore. Ingat lagi! :)

  2. Wow! Flattered naman ako. Thanks! :)

    Hope to meet you soon. sent you my FB url na :)

  3. how nice. bloggers unite :)

  4. Wow nice! Favorite namin yang si Gas Dude, president ng SG Bloggers! :D It's fun reading stories like this. :D

  5. Crush ko siya actually. Kaya ganon blog entry ko. Wag ka maingay. Di niya alam yun. Hahahaha.

  6. uy crush mo pla si gas dude, sg blogger here also =) see you in singapore!

  7. Hahahaha! Eeekkk ... wag sana sabihin ....