Geek Fight: the Couch Potato Edition

It was a gamble on my end. I was pulling in people from different sectors of my life with different interests and I was hoping that it would result to something really good or great. I had 2 people from work, 2 people from the film club, 3 people from the Fil-Chi group, someone from the book club and JP who brought along someone else.

It would seem like its a recipe for disaster since all these random groups of people had in common was actually ME. Yep, ME.

Here's 3 group photos of the team and I am so relieved that EVERY SINGLE ONE of THEM had FUN FUN FUN! It was the best geek fight ever. There were a lot of hilarious moments and I am truly hoarse now from so much screaming and laughter. It was like all of us had too much sugar, most especially me.

Overall, I would have to say that this was the best geek fight night ever. Here are some random photos of the night.

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  1. Nag-inuman din pala kayo. Hehe ^.^

  2. Seemed like a very fun get-together :D

  3. @ elton: prereq na yun halos

    @ oceanne: sobrang fun! join us