Thursday, March 7, 2019

Why is Commercial Cleaning Important to Your Business?

If you’re a business owner who has been approached by a commercial cleaning company about regular cleaning services, you may find yourself wondering why commercial cleaning is important to your business. If your business doesn’t involve cleaning, it may not be obvious why commercial cleaning matters for your business. In truth, there are many different ways commercial cleaning can benefit your business. We’ve listed the common reasons below.

Professional Image Matters

When potential customers visit your place of business, first impressions can make a huge impact on buying decisions. What a client sees when they first walk in the door of your office will stick with them for a long time. When a client walks into your office to find a cluttered or dirty, grimy office, it certainly doesn’t project professionalism. A bad first impression can negatively impact purchasing decisions. A clean, professional looking office lets clients know that you take your business seriously. It instills confidence in your company’s ability to professionally manage the bigger issues at hand.

Time Management

Let’s face it, business owners have a lot of tasks on their plate. Many business owners find it difficult to accomplish all the critical business tasks that need done on a daily basis. Finding time to keep up with office cleaning can be difficult when you’re struggling to meet customer demands and keep up with employee needs. Using commercial cleaning services can save hours of time that you can use toward getting those vital business tasks finished.

Experts will tell you that clutter and chaos are often counterproductive to productivity. Time spent finding paperwork, documents, or supplies you need to get work done can suck up your valuable time and the time of your employees. Decreased productivity for your or your office staff can cost you money because employees will need overtime hours to meet customer needs and finish projects. Decreased productivity can even cost you potential clients. If you find yourself being less productive than usual in the office or customers complain about employees not meeting expectations, clutter could be the culprit. Clear out the clutter and get organized to give your office productivity a boost. Learn more about SimplyMaid if you find it extremely difficult to keep your workplace cleaned and organized every moment.


One of the biggest reasons commercial cleaning is important to your business is the health of your employees and your customers. Staff and public bathrooms can be a cesspool for bacteria if regular cleaning is not implemented. Dirt, dust, and other contaminants can build up on furniture surfaces and aggravate allergies of staff and customers and can contribute to respiratory infections and other health issues. Failure to clean and disinfect regularly can all contribute to an environment that breeds germs. Sick employees can cost your business money in increased healthcare costs.

Injury Prevention

Keeping your office clean can help prevent injuries to employees and staff. A cluttered office or workspace can increase the likelihood that employees or potential customers will trip, slip, or otherwise injure themselves. Commercial cleaning can go a long way toward preventing injuries which can help keep healthcare and worker’s compensation costs down and save your business money.

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