Saturday, March 16, 2019

dOTERRA Hydrating Cream

I was recently introduced to dOTERRA, a brand that I have been quite curious about for quite some time now. The only thing I know about dOTERRA is that it's available in Southeast Asia and will soon be available in the Philippines.

Now dOTERRA is known for essential oils but they actually have other products and one of the things that got my attention was the hydrating cream. You see, I'm almost 40 now which means that my skin is no longer as elastic as before. In layman's term, it's easier for me to get wrinkles now than it was before.

dOTERRA Hydrating Cream aims to enrich the skin with it's unique moisturizing and hydrating properties while assisting the natural components of the skin in their regeneration process. This is something that I need because as mentioned, when you age, your skin stops doing what it's supposed to.

Now this hydrating cream is not yet available in the Philippines so I felt really lucky when I won this in a raffle.

First impression: I loved that this container was small and compact. It makes it easy to travel with. I also love that it contains lavander, jasmine, and geranium. IT SMELLED SO GOOD.

This cream is thick and a little bit sticky initially but when you put it on your face, it is easily absorbed. It doesn't feel sticky at all which is a good thing because I really hate it when creams feel sticky.

So far I am loving it. It smells good and it is not sticky. It also felt really nice when I woke up from my sleep.

I'll make another update in a month to show if it made any visible change on my face.

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To check out where you can buy this and their essential oils, you can go here

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