Thursday, March 7, 2019

Top 5 Drinks to Quench the Summer Heat

Summer is here. The fact that I could not even wear my favorite jogging pants at home yesterday is proof of that. You see, I'm the person that gets cold easily. It could be summer and I'd still sleep with a blanket on even if I only have the electric fan on.

So yesterday, it was really a surprise when I felt hot and sweaty when I was wearing my favorite pair of jogging pants. UGH.

This led me to start thinking of drinks that I need to have to ensure I stay hydrated. Since 9 cups of coffee is no longer an option, I had to think of other options to help me quench this summer heat.

1. Fruit Shakes 

This is something you can easily make at home. If you have a blender, shaker, or juicer, it's best to buy fresh fruits from your local market and make this at home. You can add non-fat milk, brown sugar or honey to give it a bit more sweetness and then you're good to go.

My go to are carrots and apple, carrots, apple, and mango, papaya and carrots, as well as apple, pear, and banana. These are all packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants but it's also very refreshing. I think it's one of the best ways to rehydrate because you're also taking care of yourself all at the same time.

2. Iced Coffee 

Yes I mentioned that I can't drink 9 cups of coffee anymore but it does not mean that I can't drink coffee at all so what I've been doing nowadays is I drink a cup of coffee in the morning and I make it iced because IT IS SO HOT OUTSIDE!

Another thing that I do is I pour non fat milk and then put coffee cubes. It makes my coffee look prettier and it also waters down the coffee so that my acid reflux doesn't happen too much.

3.  Buko Juice(Coconut Juice)

This is something that is really abundant in the Philippines and is also cheap but healthy. For less than $1, you can already get an entire coconut all to yourself. Buko juice is really good for the body. It cleanses and helps most especially with UTI.

4. Sola Iced Tea 

Sometimes, you just need a hit of that iced tea. Sola Iced Tea is one of my go to drinks as because it contains just the right amount of sugar and caffeine. The fact that it comes in small cans also help to balance the consumption. It's very refreshing and feels more like a juice drink.

5. Iced Cold Water 

Of course nothing beats plain old iced cold water. Water is a necessary liquid for us to help combat the heat. Be sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water aside from the other drinks that I have suggested. 8 glasses on top of anything else.

Summer in Manila can be really scorching and with heatstroke now a reality, we need to make sure that we stay hydrated at all times.

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