Saturday, March 16, 2019

dOTERRA Essential Oils and the AromaTouch Technique

Yesterday, I was invited to a soft media launch of the dOTERRA essential oils at Belleza Spa. Now if you've been reading this blog for quite some time, you would notice that I rarely cover events starting late last year. This one though, I couldn't pass up.

You see, I've been reading up on intentional living and essential oils played a huge part in it. It talks about how essential oils help alter your mood, help you focus, fix mild ailments, and make you sleep better.

I've also seen how some former schoolmates of mine have gone gaga over essential oils so my interest was truly piqued. I was feeling a bit apprehensive though because the expectations have been set really high.

Was I going to be disappointed? Was I going to be a convert? Going in, I really didn't know what to expect.

They introduced the AromaTouch Technique Massage. It's a soft massage using 8 of the dOTERRA essential oils. When I was watching how they were doing it, I noticed a couple of things:

1. They weren't really massaging the person. It was more of light caresses.
2. The person doing the massage never ever takes off her hand. There is always one hand that remains connected to the body of the person being massaged.
3. It felt very intimate, but in a good way.
4. The person being massaged immediately fell asleep, like within 10minutes.

 My initial thoughts: 

1. How can you fall asleep that fast with just light touches?
2. Is he faking it?
3. Are the oils really that effective?
4. Isn't that sticky?

Luckily, I was also able to try it myself and here are my final thoughts. Mind you that when I was about to start, I was telling myself that I will not fall asleep no matter what. I wanted to be able to experience every single hand stroke so that I could understand what was happening.

Here's what happened.

I laid down and was asked to take my top off. I then felt the drop of oil on my back. The way they do it is they layer the oil. They use two at a time and then add two more. There are 4 layers involved which was why I thought it would be sticky.


What it was though was the most soothing massage I have ever had which was really weird because as mentioned, they simply stroke your back. It's really the oil that gets into your system and then does its magic.

I was in and out about 3x in this 45mins massage. My body felt warm on the inside and refreshingly cool outside. It felt like I was in a cocoon of happiness and zen. It was revitalizing, rejuvenating, and definitely refreshing. It was the kind of massage that I wanted my Mom to experience. IT WAS THAT GOOD.

4 drops was all it needed and here are some guide.
1. For stress management: balance & lavender 
2. For detox: tea tree & on guard 
3. For inflammation, AromaTouch and deep blue 
4. For homeostasis, wild orange & peppermint

There are 9 steps involved in this AromatTouch Technique. The oil is initially placed on your back, in the middle of the spine because this is where all of our nerve endings are. Only the tips and the palm of the hand is used when doing the AromaTouch Technique. The 1st to 8th step is illustrated above. 9th is what they call the lymphatic pull where they gently pull on your feet 15sets for 3x. It's to wake up your blood and make sure everything is circulating well.

What I loved the most was the smell of the oil and how it made me feel. My body felt light. My mood was in a really good place. I felt loving towards people around me and I smelled like a walking spa. 

Best effect of all? I was asleep by 11pm and woke up at 8am. BEST SLEEP EVER.

For someone who normally falls asleep at 3am and wakes up at 6am everyday feeling like an exhausted pigeon, this was definitely a breakthrough.

I'm excited to know more about these essential oils which I will be testing in the coming days. I will update you guys on which one worked best and how it works or does not work. As you know, I'll always tell you guys the tea on this blog because we are always real, never perfect.

Thank you also to Belleza Spa for hosting us.

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