Sunday, May 3, 2015

Russell Hobbs Mood Food

They say we eat with our feelings. They say that we cook with our emotions and when we feel happy, our food tastes better. Russell Hobbs calls this "mood food." It means that when the mood hits us, it dictates the kind of food that we create for ourselves and our family.

During the event, we were asked to create our own food and since I am on a health streak, I made plain tuna sandwich.

I loved that my panini was cooked just right. There was no possibility of burning it because it was timed properly and there was a light that reminds you to turn it off. I'm one of those persons who get easily distracted at times so this is something that is very much needed.

Chef Japs signed my book where I can get recipes to use for my every mood. It's one of the best cook books I have received and I am so happy that Russell Hobbs came up with this book since its something that everyone can use.

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