Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ai Am Who Ai Am

What happens when you put the Philippine Queen of Comedy on stage and pair her with some of the best costume designers in town? AiAmWhatAiAm happens. AiAmWhatAiAm is a free concert by the one and only AiAi delas Alas. This served as her thanksgiving to all the fans and supporters who have stayed with her in all her 25 years in show business.

Miss Aiai delas Alas wore a total of 8 costumes for this concert, each more stunning than the previous one. This showed how flexible she is as a performer and how she has no qualms doing what needs to be done to ensure every performance is at par with world class standard.

Miss Aiai delas Alas is an ultimate performer. I believe that she is one of the most underrated concert performers that we have. She can sing, dance, make people laugh and get the crowd going. She isn't boring to watch on stage and even when you try to not laugh at her jokes, you just find yourself guffawing or letting out a chuckle.

When I was able to ask her co-stars in Let the Love Begin on how it was to work with Miss Ai, both Ruru and Gab said that she is a delight to work with. Professional and not intimidating at all were the common words used to describe her. Ruru Madrid said that he feels that Miss Aiai is a mother to him even when the camera is not rolling because she guides him in their scenes and gives him advices on how to handle things. Gab on the other hand is looking forward to having a scene with Miss Aiai because she knows that this would be a milestone in her career and she looks forward to working with her and learning from one of the masters.

Even on stage, Miss Aiai does not try to outshine her guests. She knows that she doesn't need to and her talent alone is more than enough to draw the attention of the crowd to her.

Truly, Miss Aiai delas Alas is a class act, on stage and off the stage.

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