Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sky Garden Steak House

Ace Water Spa it seems has a hidden gem on its 8th Floor. I have been there several times but never knew that the SkyGarden Steak House was located on the 8th Floor of the building and that it is actually a perfect date place because it is designed to have a romantic yet vibrant atmosphere. Open from Tuesday to Sundays between 6pm to 10pm, this is the perfect spot for anyone who would like to take their lady friends out for a romantic evening or simply to unwind and relax.

This is what would greet you upon entering. The centerpiece alone already hints of romance and the use of colors, even more so. Even the glass piece evoke of a certain flirty feel.

I had shrimp and curry for appetizers. I loved the presentation and how fresh the shrimp was. The only thing I didn't like was that there were only 3. I wanted at least 30. Har har.

Next on the things they served was Seafood Consomme. It seems that consomme is clear liquid broth. Thankfully it was tasty and the mushrooms saved the day. I believe that the soup was made of seafood and the mushrooms were just there to add flavor. I did have moments where I wanted to ask if it was mushroom soup they were serving me.

Finally, the star of the night came. I asked for my OMAHA USDA Prime Striploin to be cooked medium well and bless the chef, it was actually medium well. HALLELUJAH!

This was served with mashed potato, corn, and vegetables. It was so good that I finished the entire thing. Yikes. It was so tasty I couldn't stop myself. Diet be damned.

Bon appetit! For table reservations and inquiries, please call 628-1888 or visit their website www.acehotelsuites.com. You may also follow them on  FB and IG @skygardensteakhouse.

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