Friday, May 8, 2015

Antonio's in Tagaytay

"So much for being a food blogger. I have never even been to Antonio's."

Apparently, this was going to be the reason that I will finally get to go to Antonio's because my colleague decided to hold a meeting there. Upon entering, a man opened the double doors for us and I must say that it definitely added to the grandeur of the place. The foyer was a little intimidating and dark but I liked it.

the gate (photo not mine) 

the front door (photo not mine) 
The view from the foyer was also very relaxing. It was all greens with touches of dim lights here and there, staging what would definitely be a romantic setting for couples and people who would like to get to know each other better.

My shots were blurry because I was too much in a hurry to just really soak in the feel of the place. I wish I could go back in the morning and take really decent photos. I love the place, I love the feel of it, and I just love how it automatically relaxes you.

My friend and I went around the place and sat on a couch which was placed in the middle of a garden. We laid down on it and above us was a tree. Truth be told, it was a very romantic setting but since I was just with a friend, I had to leave the romantic part in my head.

It was a good place to brainstorm because all around there were trees and it was very relaxing. When creative people are stressed, this is a must. Finally, we went back to our table and had our dinner. For me, I had the lamb chop cutlets (Php2,200) and it came with soup, salad, and dessert.

I had mine medium well and it was succulent. Yes, it was really tender and it was very tasty. I loved it though I still feel its a little overpriced. However, if I take the place into consideration then I would say that it was just right. Ambiance, great food, awesome conversation and a meeting of the minds is definitely something that I would take any night.

Wyn and I 

Thanks Wyn for this night. It was truly magical and the best part is, I actually came up with a pretty good idea for our project. :)

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  1. Will try to go there. My house is just 20-minutes drive to Tagaytay.


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