Thursday, May 14, 2015

MEGA Creations Premium

I was given a package of the newest product of MEGA sardines and I can say that I was definitely excited about it because I haven't seen this in the market. I also happen to like sardines so it was definitely something that I looked forward to trying.

I first tried the Mega Creations Premium in Tomato Sauce. The packaging was very attractive and it really caught my eye. I also liked that it was very easy to open.

I like that there were about 6-7 sardines in each bottle. I felt that it was worth whatever the money I would spend on it since it wasn't like the typical 3-4 in a can.

I loved this Tomato Mega Creations. It goes well with rice, bread, or even SkyFlakes. It adds an oomph to an otherwise bland viand or food pairing.

The Spanish Style Premium Creation is best paired with Sky Flakes. It was really, really good. I finished the entire bottle with about 20 pieces of Sky Flakes. Eeeppppp!

This is definitely something that I would buy at the market when it becomes available. To MEGA, kudos for coming up with a premium product such as this.

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