Friday, May 22, 2015

Linden Suites Spa Service

When something like this greets you upon getting off the elevator to the SPA floor, you know that the hotel definitely knows what they are doing. The mood is automatically set and I could feel myself relaxing soon as I saw this.

The staff were very polite and accomodating which I really loved. There were also comfy chairs where one can sit down and relax while waiting to be taken into the room.

The men and the women have separate rooms and they also have separate showers. I love that the shower area is pretty big. I've seen some spa where the shower felt like it was just forced on the place.

They do not have a couple's room unfortunately. However, the room is spacious and the masseuse can freely move around the room. I hate it when the masseuse bumps into you because the room is so narrow.

I love that the masseuse was very insightful. She would go hard when I have a lot of stress that built up on a side of my body and not too hard when there's none. She also took her time and never did I feel rushed. I was very well taken cared of, kneaded, and stretched until all the stress in my body was completely gone. In fact, I slept like a baby that night.

At Php800 for a regular spa and Php1200 for a premium one, I'd definitely say its worth your money. I can see myself going back again and again for their massage when I need one. Kudos to The Linden Suites for letting me know what dough feels like after being kneaded thoroughly.

It felt so good.

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