Sunday, May 3, 2015

a boy friend and Ritas

Sometimes, a heartbreak can lead to great things and this is exactly what happened to E and I. I had feelings for him before but he friendzoned me and months after, we have finally moved to a place where he and I are simply close friends.

He's the one I talk to now about guy problems. He's someone I exchange ideas with about anything and everything under the sun. In short, he's become a really close boy friend. He would explain to me why so and so seenzoned me or why so and so disappeared from the face of the Earth. He's become my guru when it comes to understanding men. It's actually pretty funny that we are now what we are.

We have an ongoing bet that involves a shopping spree worth 5k. On his end, he needs to have the body of the men in Magic Mike while I need to hit 145lbs by December. Whoever loses will treat the other to a shopping spree. After we sealed the deal, we had this.

Hahahaha. I can't believe we shared a small cup of the coffee frozen custard. It must have been about 300calories minimum and it was SO GOOD. I am so happy that the only branch they have is in Greenhills or I'd be screwed.

I can now officially say that I am grateful E never let go of our friendship and fought really hard to save it even when I was doing my best to throw him off the edge of my world. Now that we have become close friends, it is one of the best blessings in the world. Here's to boy friends and ice cream.

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