Thursday, March 13, 2014

UNTV guesting ..

I was pleasantly surprised with my experience with UNTV. Prior to guesting with them last Monday, I had no idea what shows they had or what they were about.

Upon arriving at the station, the staff approached me and asked which TV show I was guesting for. They offered me coffee and asked me to sit. They even served me breakfast. They also has a make up artist and hair dresser ready to fix me up.

they made me look really good :)
After I was all dolled up, one of the staff offered to bring my bag which I did not let him because it was purple and big but I did say yes to coffee. Finally, we were at the studio and I was all nerves because this was a live guesting. LIVE.

This meant that if I make a mistake, that's it. There is no cut. There is no editing.

Thankfully, I did well. I did not freeze nor said anything embarassing. I was able to answer all the questions and I looked at ease. Whew.

Thank you Lord for brains that worked quite well. Thank you for this opportunity and thank you UNTV for treating me very well. I am so honored to have guested and to have spent time with you guys. :)

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