Wednesday, March 5, 2014

on the Cohen diet

I was invited to know more about the Cohen Lifestyle Program. Before today, I can honestly say that all I knew about it was that it was a "diet program" and that only the rich and famous could afford it. Boy was I wrong in all aspects.

The Cohen Lifestyle program is not a diet program at all. In fact, they come up with a specific program for you and give you a timetable as to when you can eat. It teaches you discipline and it teaches you what are the right things that you should be consuming based on your blood type as well as body type.

The Cohen Lifestyle Program is one that changes your life and not just your body. I personally saw how those who have graduated from the program seems to just glow and they have this riveting personality. You just tend to notice them and I think its because they also gained confidence after going through the Cohen Lifestyle Program. You just can't help but look at them.

Another thing I noticed is that they really eat and drink. They ate their salads and meat and they drank their iced tea. This was not a program that would starve you. In fact, the event was hosted at Carmelo's in Greenbelt 5 and they served the most sumptuous of meals. My favorites were the mushroom topped with crab meat, shrimp,  and the beef salpicao. Yum yum.

Cohen Lifestyle Program will initially costs you Php66,500 but if you think about the costs of a heart disease, diabetes, or even cancer, Php66,500 seems very small and so worth the investment.

I'm glad that I was able to attend and listen to how the Cohen Lifestyle Program has altered the life of others. In time I hope it will also alter mine in a good way.

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