Friday, March 7, 2014

It takes Gutz ... and more ...

Seeing the Gutierrez family in the flesh was more than a feast for the eye. It was an attack on the senses because they were not only gorgeous, they were also funny, poised, and brilliant.

You could see it in the twinkle in their eyes ... the way they would answer questions and evade things in a very graceful manner. You can see it in how they presented themselves ... confident yet charming. You can see it in how they can laugh at themselves and their Mom but you know that at the same time, they are very proud of her.

Truly, E! could not have chosen a better celebrity family to feature in their first ever Asian Family Reality TV.

I asked them what do they want the people to associate with the name Gutierrez aside from Gutz. Richard and Raymond had the same answer which was family; Ruffa said it was resilience, and Mr. Eddie Gutierrez said that it was entertainment because they have been entertaining the masses for a very long time now.

However, the person who stood out the most was of course none other than the one and only Miss Annabelle Rama. She was just so real and so without pretense that you could not help but love her. She's definitely going to be the spice in all the sweetness that would be going on in the reality tv that would show off the Gutierrez clan.

I can definitely say that this show will be such a hit. The mix of personalities and the dynamics of this family will definitely be something that a lot of people can relate to. They will see themselves in these celebrities and in return, they will see that even celebrities are human and they also feel insecure and bad about themselves. The difference is, they choose to bounce back from it and put on their best foot forward.

So watch out for this show since its definitely going to have you laughing your arse off. Besides, wouldn't you want to know what the Gutierrez twins and Ruffa look like just as soon as they wake up in the morning? I know I do.

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