Sunday, March 16, 2014

on being friends with an ex ...

I have never been friends with an ex. It's just not my style. It's not how I was ever since. All of my ex, the moment we broke up, I cut ties. When Facebook came into existence, I would block and unfollow in all forms of social media. In fact, I even delete all his family members and friends for I do not want to be associated with him in any way at all.

Yes, that is how harsh I am and probably, unreasonable to some.

However, fate seems to have other plans for the funny man and I for I now see that we are slowly transitioning from friends to lovers to ex-lovers, and dare I say, back to being friends? I feel that we are.

I don't know how it happened but in the last 11 months, oh yes, it is 11 months today I just noticed, we have gone from awkward ex-lovers to "are we or are we not together," to "I don't want to see you or be with you," to "yeah we're friends but lets try to not see each other as much as possible."

On my end, I finally have accepted that whatever we have is long gone and its never coming back.  I've accepted it and I feel a lot better than I have in the last 11 months. I now know that he is just a friend now and nothing more than a friend.

It's a weird feeling, being friends with an ex but I think its something that I can get used to.

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