Friday, March 14, 2014

I am single because ...

Recently, with the many events and activities that I have found myself involved in, two things are always mentioned or asked.

1. "You are so pretty!"

To this, I am always grateful that someone appreciates my face. Whether they are saying the truth or lying, I don't care. I am still grateful.

2. Why are you single?

To this, I have a longer answer; one that would require your time and I think time is something that not a lot of people can spare so I'll just write it down and let you find your way here.

I am single because I still have feelings for someone. I am no longer in love with him but I still care for this person. I think it would be unfair to be with someone when I am not completely over this love. I believe that whoever will be the next person I will love, I will love him and only him ... not just a part of me but all of me. At this point in time, this is not a possibility.

I am single because the guys that I meet are either intimidated by me or are in such a rush to get into a relationship that I find myself wondering if there was a finish line they needed to cross or if they had a deadline that they needed to meet. One of them said I love you to me in less than 12 hours of meeting me. Crazy right?

I am single because I refuse to settle. I have settled before and I've realized, I shouldn't. I have certain qualities that I want in a guy and I refuse to believe that there is not one guy that has all these qualities. If there is none, then I'd choose to be on my own.

I am single because I am worth someone's time. I am not an option nor a second choice. I am worth a text and a call ... I am worth an explanation. I am worth making time for and I am worth spending time with.

I am single because I am busy and no man has been up for the challenge. Most of the guys who have tried going out with me has find it quite challenging to find a time where I am not busy attending events or spending time with  my son. For me, if they really want to spend time with me, they'll think of ways. If not, its not my loss so to speak.

Lastly, I am single because no one has really tried to do anything to alter it. Perhaps, if there was someone who'd move heaven and earth, I'd be more than willing to make time for him and see where it leads. Till then, and until such a guy would exist for me, I shall remain single.

PS. Perhaps also because I only have a knight in shining armor. Prince Charming is still missing somewhere out there. 

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