Recap of January 2020

I've decided to continue doing a monthly recap for this year. I was able to do 10 months from last year and it's a great way to remind myself of what happened the last month, the lessons to be learned, and what I achieved and treasured.

Last month, I was able to do most of my journals. I had to change from the Coffee Project to Bo's Coffee though because the one from Bo's Coffee fell apart in just a week. It has been challenging though because I tried getting into the habit tracker and failed. I have been able to maintain my daily recap and most of my photo a day. I need to be a bit more focused on documenting things, especially with my memory failing at times.

From the 3 Goals that I made for myself, I have been doing pretty well with eating a little healthier and growing my YouTube channel. I am failing a bit on the saving money because I've been investing in my journals since I plan to make my YouTube channel more planner focused since I enjoy that and there is a niche for it. 

January didn't start out so well for a lot of people. We had a scare of World War, a volcano erupting, Australian bushfire, and the Corona Virus. It's been one massive reminder after another about our mortality and how fragile life is.

Career-wise, it's been pretty good. Our small PR firm was able to have a successful media launch for a client. I'm really grateful for the trust and opportunity. 

B has won 4 awards in just one month. He's on a roll! I am one proud Momma not just because of this but because he's been a pretty good kid overall. I'm so grateful to my Mom for helping in raising him and ensuring that he stays on track.

I'm still 1cm dilated. I hope I give birth soon. At least M seems to be more excited now than scared. I, on the other hand, am really bored and I can't wait to give birth.

January was grueling but also good. Hopefully, February and the rest of the year will be better and more kind.

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