Tuesday, February 11, 2020

the birth of Khali ...

The night started in tears.

A few hours before the caesarian operation was to happen, M and I fought. It was one for the books.

There were literal tears of heartbreak, pain, words thrown around, and just plain negativity surrounding us.

It lasted hours.

Bucket of tears were shed.

Then silence.


It took one word and the last 6 hours of pain and suffering melted away.

All that mattered was we were there for each other. We were reminded of why we were there and the love we had.

Two hours later, I was being cut open and our little miracle was born.

The moment he saw me, he thanked me for going through what I did to give him his son.

When our son looked into his eyes, he cried. He  finally knew what unconditional love meant.

I hope he understood it too ... what it means, what it entails.

The night started in tears but the day ended with love. At the end of the day and after everything, all that matters is that everything is once again wrapped in love.


  1. Congratulations on your bundle of joy. May he live to be happy and healthy and make you two proud of him.

  2. This is such a blessing!!! Congrats...Khali looks gorgeous.

  3. Thanks for your sharing you intimate miraculous moment with us! :) Sending best wishes to you and yours.

  4. awww congrats i am so happy fro you!!! congrats

  5. So beautiful. I literally have tears in my eyes after reading this blog post and looking at the beautiful images to compliment it. I am so happy for you. My heart goes out to you and your family. Very precious.

  6. This is such a very heartfelt moment of every mother. Giving birth is so scary but everything will wipe away once you see your baby. Congratulations to you and to your family for the arrival of this angel.

  7. Welcome, little one! What a wonderful birth story.

  8. Congratulations.. This was such a heartfelt blog post! May you guys grow together as a family.


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