Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Dear Khali

You were born at a time of great turmoil. Taal Volcano almost erupted and we have the much-feared Corona Virus floating around. You will know more about this when you research history.

You were also born at the start of a new decade so there are a lot of things changing. You have changed my life, for the better of course. With your presence, so many things changed.

This is something that I hope you will learn ... in life, the only thing that is constant will be change. There will always be changes and we need to adapt fast to survive.

However, know that Mommy and Daddy as well as Ahia B will be here for you to guide you in life. We will make sure that you learn what is right and wrong, how to make good life choices, and the value of education and family.

We are not rich. We have to work hard to make ends meet. This is also why I want to instill in your the value of savings and investment which is something that I also want to teach your Ahia B. I pray that the both of you won't have to struggle so much in handling finances which is why I want you both to learn from our mistakes.

We will make sure to give you the education you need to have a heads up in life. It's necessary in this world to have a good education and this is something that I am able to provide you, that your Dad and I can do for you.

We will be strict but reasonable. You will hate it at times but I hope that you will always remember that there is a reason why there are rules and it is for your own good. You may not like it but I hope that at least until you graduate from college, you follow what we say.

Most of all, know that you are loved and cherished. No matter what, you are and will always be loved.


  1. This is a nice, heartwarming letter. I am sure that your daughter will be protected and will receive all the love in the world from you, her parents.

  2. Congratulations! Such a beautiful baby.

  3. What a sweet letter you made for your baby boy. One day he will read this and know how much he loved since the beginning of his life.

  4. Congratulations on your bundle of joy.

  5. That's a beautiful letter to your child. I related to the born in the midst of turmoil. With my daughter we had that with so many crazy and awful things happening around us.

  6. I love your idea of writing a letter to your son. He will grow up to read one day and learn more of how deeply you love and care for him

  7. I think this is a beautiful little sentiment! I'm sure your child will enjoy reading this later!


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