Lessons from a Newborn

I am a second time Mom. My first baby was born 14 years ago when I was just 24 years old. I was too young, too immature, too self-centered to realize back then what a privilege it was to be blessed with a child.

Over the years, I learned slowly how it is to be a real Mom. I still fail at times but I know that I am improving. Luckily, B seems to be growing well and in the right direction. I thank my Mom for that as well as other members of my family.

This time around, I am more prepared or so I thought.

I had my mindset on another normal delivery. I even prepped my brain that it will take 18 hours of crazy pain. However, I was not ready for a C-section. I had less than a day to convince my mind and then Baby MK was born.

The next 5 days proved that I still had a long way to go in becoming a good Mom. Here are some of the things I learned from Baby MK.

1. Every baby is a blessing. Not everyone is given the chance to become a Mom so when you are given this blessing, you accept it with your whole heart and soul.

2. Babies have their own body clock. They will wake up when they want to and they will sleep the whole day if they want to. Since you are the adult, adjust with them. Sleep when they do so and stop forcing them to adhere to your schedule. They're babies, not military personnel.

3. A baby's smile and smell are the best things in the world. When you smell a baby, it smells of innocence and love. When a baby smiles at you, all of your problems just melt away.

4. Patience is needed especially at 2am to 5am when the baby thinks morning is night.

5. A real partnership can weather sleepless nights. A baby brings out the worst and best in people. Thankfully, it is bringing out the best in M while it's bringing out the not so worst in me.

6. At the end of the day, what matters is that we will be here for Baby MK and B. What matters is that there is love because babies know nothing but love. And poop.

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